Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-21

Masking the Mosque
The controversial mosque at Ground Zero is scheduled open tomorrow amid much controversy … as planners throw an event to celebrate what they call “diversity …” despite its proximity to what is essentially a burial ground for Americans killed on nine-eleven.
The Christian Post

Dawkins Indoctrination
An atheist activist is targeting children with his new endeavor … a book which he claims delves into the world’s greatest wonders in order to refute what he calls the Judeo-Christian Myth.

Clerics in the Crosshairs
Atheists are attacking Clerics across the country … suing the Treasury Secreatary and the IRS Commissioner … for the removal of housing tax exemptions afforded to Christian ministers by the federal government … which also applies to Catholic priests.

American, Catholic and Pro-Life
Country singer Collin Raye is stepping up to fight euthanasia with Teri Schaivo’s family.
The Vatican Insider

Miraculous Martyr
Miracles do happen … something that many Catholics today need to be reminded of … and this week one takes place in Naples, Italy.

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