Friday, September 16, 2011

Catholic News Roundup 09-16

Abortion Arrogation
While It is no secret that Obama is trampling the decision of state lawmakers to defund Planned Parenthood … now he is taking a dictatorial approach to New Hampshire’s recent decision.
Lifesite News

Abortion Haggling
A mother and father have judged their disabled three year old-son as not worth living … and are getting four and a half million dollars for missing the chance to abort him.
Pajamas Media

Carolina Conflict—National Concern
The recent effort in North Carolina to establish a referendum in May on banning homosexual marriage in their state constitution has people wondering … would it work on a national level?

Pastors Purse
Greed, murder, wealth and conspiracy in South America don’t involve drug cartels this time … it’s--Brazilian Evangelicals?
The Vatican Insider

Calling all Fathers
A new billboard campaign is targeting fathers and attacking the racist roots of abortion.
Lifesite News

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